Sleeping princess. Original modern art painting

Olevsky Fedor

Sleeping princess

140x110 cm, oil on canvas

Well, many a man thirsted for gaining her, but there are so many good things in the world! Wonderful are beverages clouding your mind, sounds dulling your consciousness, and all these beautiful women! So much of what needs to be tried, experienced, chosen and explored! And tasted, what if you have missed something? How can one have time for all of this just during one miserable life?! And what if you are done with it, but you still need to try it once again, as it is frightful to leave this feast. And her sleep continues, her abode gets overgrown with thorns. Sleeping Beauty is an image of a spiritual treasure, meant for one who will dare to start a trudge and a long search... But knights prefer dizziness and swoon.