Commission portrait paintings

Your commission order of portrait paintings, pets painting, landscape or masterpiece copy will be performed by professional artists – graduates of the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at the Russian Academy of Arts, represented on our Web site www.academart.com.

All commission portraits or child portrait painting or another subject art shall be originating from authors and performed in oil on canvas technique. Other techniques e.g. tempera or acrylic painting, illustrations, sculpture etc. as agreed with the customer, could be also applied.

We shall inform you on the procedure of performance of the commission portrait or another  art work, which you have ordered. First, we’ll agree with you the sketch of the future painting. Afterwards, we shall provide you with photos of main steps of the work.

We shall determine the price according to picked up specification of your order. First payment amounts to 30% of the price of order. Final settlement shall be fulfilled upon agreement on final step of the work. Finished artwork shall be shipped upon receipt of final payment.

You can find below the names and examples of artworks by the portrait artists, who would be happy to perform your order of 
Natasha Milashevich. Child portrait painting
Portraits, group portraits or portrait compositon: 
Olga Suvorova
Landscape by order will be performed by:

Our Commission Paintings Examples