Loggers. Original modern art painting

Olevsky Fedor


200x145 cm, oil on canvas

The nature bearing and killing, satisfying, indulging and devouring… How much beauty and tenderness one can find in the world! And how much terror, suffering and cruelty! And the apotheosis of this contrast is a human soul. Love, mercy, self-sacrifice and at the same time greedy fury and cruelty, roughness and indifference. The thought is chained to contemplating these unthinkable contrasts and it cannot find an answer to the question, how such things can co-exist on one Earth, in one human heart! And one can see a person directing his fury against very foundations of existence. Lumberjacks is a try to express my feeling of the contrast between creative and destructive forces and the potency of a thoughtless downfall, hidden in a human himself. By impetuously destructing those beautiful things, having been created during millenniums, he falls into a new barbarity, in order to start everything from the beginning.