Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Stroganov Leonid

Born 1979, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

1990 — graduated V.Serov art college, Saint-Petersburg.
1995-2000 — studied at the Oleg Yakhnin graphic art school.

2016 — Gallery Boreas.
2014 — "Revival of Tobolsk" Fund.
2014 — Memorial Apartment Museum of Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
2013 — Vologda Picture Gallery.
2011 — Art Cafe "Basement Stray Dog".
2010 — The Jewish Community Center (St. Petersburg)
2010 — The Sakhalin Regional Art Museum.
2006 —Hanady Art Gallery (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
2006 — Memorial Apartment Museum of Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
2008 — The State Museum of History of St. Petersburg.
2004 — Gallery Boreas.
2003 — The Russian Center of Science and culture. Helsinki.

Participated in more than 70 group exhibitions.

Moyka river
21x12 cm, C-3, C-5, 2011

Gorohovaya street
18x17 cm, C-3, C-5, 2012

The strange house
20x12 cm, C-3, C-5, 2012

16x16 cm, C-3, C-5, 2012

Exlibris. Oleg Yakhnin
11x11 cm, C-3, C-5, 45 copies, 2003

The cat on the chair
15x7 cm, C-3, C-5, 45 copies, 2003

The bottle
10x8 cm, C-3, C-5, 45 copies, 2003

The fountain and leafs
11x9 cm, C-3, C-5, 45 copies, 2003

Music tonight
10x12, C-3, C-5, 45 copies, 2003

Flowers in the glove
11x11 cm, C-3, 2003, 45 copies

Birds and the leaf
12x12, C-2, 45 copies, 2003

Movement ¹3
24x38, C-3, C-5, 2000

Odyssey and Callipso
28x34, C-3, C-5, 2015

Apple of discord
28x34, C-3, C-5, 2015

17x10, C-3, C-5, 2016

20x13, C-3, C-5, 2016

A dog in the box
11x12, C-3, C-5, 2015

20x12, C-3, C-5, 2015

Adam and Eva
36x25, C-3, C-5, 2015

Roofs of Petrogradka
31x20, C-3, C-5, 2015

Adam and Eva
40x18, C-3, C-5, 2015

Movement I
24x38, C-3, C-5, 1999

Adam and Eva
16x9, C-3, C-5, 2015

Seven sins
33x14, C-3, C-5, 2009

26x38, C-3, C-5, 2002

Running away
20x28, C-3, C-5, 2002

22x11, C-3, C-5, 2016

Canal and cathedral
20x12, C-3, C-5, 2016

45x26, C-3, C-5, 2005

47x29, C-3, C-5, 2015

Magi II
44x38, C-3, C-5, 2015

Venetian merchant
47x29, C-3, C-5, 2015
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