Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Sklyarenko Andrey

Born 1963, Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
1978 — graduated from the art school, Zaporozhye.
1982 — graduated from Orel art college.
1993 — graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, studio of easel painting.
Since 1994 serves at the studio of easel painting at I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
Since 2002 in the teaching staff of easel painting department of the I.E. Repin Institute.
Since 2013 vice rector of the I.E. Repin Institute.


2001-2002 — museum exposition “Russian art – new generation” Het Slot Zeist, The Netherlands.
2003-2004 — Art galleries. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2000 — exposition “Four artists”, Oslo, Norway.
2001 — exposition in Art centre “World art Delft”, Delft, The Netherlands.
1998-1999 — expositions in private galleries of Germany.
1997 — personal exposition in Fridrichstar, Norway.
1996 — exposition of the “Most” group in the Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1995 — exposition of Russian artists in the Russian-Norway Art Center, Kirkenes, Norway.
1994 — exposition in the private gallery, Berlin, Germany.


The artworks by Andrey Sklyarenko similar to proverbs, in their world one feels safe and confident. Values are neither being proved nor conquered there, but are disclosed through daily routine relationships and collisions arising between people and through feelings connecting them. People in his paintings show care and close attention to each other. The sense of the occurring is transpiring through interlaced arms, crossing looks and pathways. The texture of paintings allows the viewer to percept tenderness and delicacy of these touches, strength of handgrips and openness of looks. Sklyarenko’s heroes operate also accurately and carefully with the items the artist put to their hands. Each item is given a certain justified place in the composition, therefore producing a fundamental and solid impression. Each item here is equal itself, and holds warmth of human hands which touched it. Sophisticated compositions hold spontaneity of suddenly occurred situation, which is survived as a real event. A subject usually is not limited to one painting only, but rather is a pin to string many different versions through which the artist gradually unveil the complete image living in his internal vision so far.
Dr. Alexandra Balash

40x30 cm, pencil on paper

45x35 cm, pencil on paper

Playing chess
45x35 cm, pencil on paper

30x20 cm, pencil on paper

A sound
50x35 cm, water-colour on paper

A table
50x37 cm, water-colour on paper

At home
50x35 cm, water-colour on paper

To the picnic!
120x90 cm, oil on canvas

Different opinions
95x95 cm, oil on canvas

On the street
100x90 cm, oil on canvas *

On the ship
100x100 cm, oil on canvas

Big renovation
160x150 cm, oil on canvas *

130x150 cm, oil on canvas

Working noon
100x120 cm, oil on canvas

Evening of the working day
100x95 cm, oil on canvas

Artist and a model
100x80 cm, oil on canvas

100x80 cm, oil on canvas

A pipe
80x80 cm, oil on canvas *

90x80 cm, oil on canvas *

85x90 cm, oil on canvas *

Men's games
90x90 cm, oil on canvas *

See a boat
90x90 cm, oil on canvas *

90x75 cm, oil on canvas *

The game
100x75 cm, oil on canvas

Artist and a model I
100x80 cm, oil on canvas
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