Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Ryzhikova Nina

Born in Leningrad.
1993 — graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Monumental studio.
Since 1994 — member of Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists.


2014 — personal exposition at the Moscow museum of modern art.
2014 — personal exposition "Aquarelle, drawing". Anichkov palace, SPb, Russia.
2013 — personal exposition at the Repin's Instiute exposition halls.
2006 — member of group exposition "Spring 2006". Central exhibition hall of St.Petersburg Union of Artists.
2004 — personal exposition of aquarel works in gallery "Art Se", Stockholm, Sweden.
2003 — member of group exposition of Russian and Ukranian artists "We and They" State Ethnographic Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia.
2001 — member of group exposition in "Russian art gallery", Pekin, China.
1995 — personal exposition in Saint-Petersburg Union of artists exhibition hall.

50x40 cm, oil on canvas

Blueberry bush
29x33 cm, aquarelle on paper

Light and shadow
45x50 cm, aquarelle on paper

70x80 cm, oil on canvas

20x28 cm, watercolor on paper

Swineherd game
23x22 cm, watercolor on paper

26x34 cm, watercolor on paper.

A kites
30x40 cm, watercolor on paper

30x40 cm, watercolor on paper

Old map
70x80 cm, oil on canvas

60x80 cm, oil on canvas

Spring's voices
82x94 cm, oil on canvas

Autumn. Marla Palace
90x122 cm, oil on canvas.

Masha in a forest
60x90 cm, oil on canvas

90x110 cm, oil on canvas

Woman's portrait
70x76 cm, oil on canvas

Red currant
60x80 cm, oil on canvas

A boy and dolphin
70x80 cm, oil on canvas

71x91 cm, oil on canvas

Wind of spring
60x80 cm, oil on canvas

Jay's nest
85x75 cm, oil on canvas

Dream grass
84x77 cm, oil on canvas

110x115 cm, oil on canvas

70x80 cm, oil on canvas.

hide-and-seek in yellow room
70x90 cm, oil on canvas.

Children in a forest
60x80 cm, oil on canvas

80x60 cm, oil on canvas

60x50 cm, oil on canvas

60x50 cm, oil on canvas *

Cherries and hydrangea
81x71 cm, oil on canvas

A smile
70x50 cm, watercolor on paper.

Golden river
50x40 cm, watercolor on paper.

Wintry impression
70x60 cm, oil on canvas.

Flowers of a spring
70x90 cm, oil on canvas.

The middle of a summer
70x60 cm, oil on canvas.

Cooking impression
80x70 cm, oil on canvas.
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