Диана и Актеон. Original modern art painting

Олевский Федор

Диана и Актеон

170x120 см, масло на холсте

It is appealing for me to address to myths as sources of images with endless depth of interpretation.Feminity. Beauty. Temptation? One of the Beauty’s sides. It is an eternal riddle, how can in one phenomenon connect so much beautiful and awful, so much happy and painful, lofty and low. The mystery of this inclination, capable of filling up and raising. But if under the canopy of soul hides a predator, it will make me his prey…The mystery of gender energy, capable of wakening a beast in a human, which, set free from the mind’s control, will tear his master to pieces, as the dogs tore Actaeon. Actaeon was torn by his own dogs!