Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Prudnikova Elena

Born 1978, Chita, Russia.
1993 — graduated from Chita's art college.
2007 — graduated I.E. Repin Instutute with gold medal.
2007 — member of Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists.
2010 — Winner of the All-Russia Youth Exhibition in Moscow
2010 — Diploma of the winner of the youth exhibition "Hope 8" Russian Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg


2016 — Exhibition «Listening to the silence ...» at the Exhibition Center «Hermitage» 01.10 - 01.11, Vyborg (with I. Pyankov)
2016 — exhibition «Shores» at the Russian Union of Artists 29.06 - 15.07, Moscow, ul. Pokrovka 37
2013 — Exhibition in the framework of the project «Women's Vision» in the gallery of the Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg. 5-18 March.
2013 — Exhibition in the framework of the project «Women's Vision» in the gallery of the Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg. 5-18 March.
2013 — Exhibition «Face, profile, three quarters ...» with Alexandra Nedzvetskaya, 5 - 17 February, Union of Artists, St. Petersburg.
2011 — Exhibition «Painting of Russia Artists». Italy, Bulgari, June. Exhibition «Painting of Russian artists». Italy, Pardenone, September.
2010 — Exhibition «Mother and Child», St. Petersburg Chapel.
2009 — personal ejxhibition «Harmony of existence» gallery Art-object. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2009 — personal exhibition «Harmony of existence» State museum of Novocheboksarsk, Russia.
2009 — personal exhibition, dedicated to singer Pelagea. Central Concert- Hall. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2008 — member of group exposition «Russian landscape». Budapest. Hungary, Beijing, China.
2007 — member of group exposition «Youth exhibition». Union of Artists. Moscow.
2006-2007 — member of group exposition of the Academy of Arts Foundation, WAD, Delft, The Netherlands.
2005 — member group exhibition «New names» Riga, Latvia.
2004 — member group exhibition «First visit» Royal academy of Arts. Stockholm, Sweden.
2003 — member group exhibition "Saint-Petersburg 300 year anniversary". Lugano. Switzerland.
2001 — member group exhibition. A.S. Pushkin memorial museum. Pushkinskie Gory. Russia.

Tender age. Daughter’s portrait
60x50 cm, oil on canvas

Polina and Sophia
55x41 cm, pastel on paper

36x25 cm, pastel on paper

Mood on the day. Polina
52x39 cm, pastel on paper

Alena Romanova. Creation
100x105 cm, oil on canvas
Hyper realism art painting sell online
The new. White square.
95x85 cm, oil on canvas

Weekend morning
40x55 cm, pastel on paper

On the last floor
43x57 cm, pastel on paper

Still life with teapot
45x80 cm, oil on canvas

Lena «T»
140x150 cm, oil on canvas

40x40 cm, oil on canvas

Inna Zhelannaya. Night
135x140 cm, oil on canvas

Evening on Solivki
50x55 cm, oil on canvas

60x45 cm, oil on canvas

July evening. Valday
50x60 cm, oil on canvas

40x40 cm, oil on canvas

71x82 cm, sanguine, retouch on paper

The house at Kirova street. Urzhum town
80x120 cm, oil on canvas
apples still life
On the windowsill
80x65 cm, oil on canvas

Leftover chocolate
40x50 cm, pastel on paper

Art lover
47x46 cm, pastel on paper

46x60 cm, pastel on paper

Portrait of a father.
116x77 cm, paper, charcoal, retouch, sauce

Water lily
45x55, oil on canvas

Still life with samovar
70x65 cm, oil on canvas

Self portrait
58x67, sepia, sause on paper

Apple in paper.
30x40 cm, oil on canvas

Inobat and Utker.
105x125 cm, sauce, retouch on paper

60x35 cm, pastel on paper

Neighbors. Gulchihra and Nazim.
140x110 cm. oil on canvas

Still life with apple.
45x40 cm, oil on canvas

Ignaty Dambinovich
43x61 cm, tempera, aquarelle on paper

Åhe roof of the old Kotor.
60x70 cm, oil on canvas

Inna. Night
135x140 cm, oil on canvas

Self portrait
60x50 cm, pastel on paper

Still life with straw hat
60x60 cm, oil on canvas
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