Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Ovcharenko Ilya

Born 1975, Saratov. Russia.
1998 – graduated from Saratov Art college.
2007 — graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, graphic art department.
Since 2011 he is in a teaching staff of I.E. Repin Institute, drawing department.
Since 2011 he is a member of Saint-Petersburg Union of artists.

Selected Exhibitions:

2005-2014 - member of group exhibitions in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia

120x150 cm, oil on canvas

St. Peter's tears (variant)
135x165 cm, oil on canvas

House sunlit
80x100 cm, oil on canvas

The herd homecoming
85x60 cm, oil on canvas.

St. Peter's tears
115x150 cm, oil on canvas

Sunset on the river Volga
70x90 cm, oil on canvas

Summer day on the river
80x120 cm, oil on canvas.

Sheep shearing
135x165 cm, oil on canvas.

Old mirror
170x127 cm, oil on canvas

140x100 cm, oil on canvas

In the garden
150x115 cm, oil on canvas

Still life with sunflowers and watermelon
100x75 cm, oil on canvas

Still life with sunflowers and basket
120x100 cm, oil on canvas.

Last beams
80x110 cm, oil on canvas

Still life with earthenware pot and bast shoes
90x80 cm, oil on canvas

Still life with samovar and lacy napkins
100x120 cm, oil on canvas.

Still life with a carpet
140x100 cm, oil on canvas

A mug of milk
150x115 cm, oil on canvas.

Red table
150x110 cm, oil on canvas.

150x120 cm, oil on canvas

Overgrown river
60x90 cm, oil on canvas

Prodigal son
190x cm, oil on canvas

Winter street. Saratov
50x70 cm, oil on canvas

August in the village
50x70 cm, oil on canvas

Near the water
70x70 cm, oil on canvas.

90x110 cm, oil on canvas

Morning at the pond
60x120 cm, oil on canvas

Girl and grinder
150x115 cm, oil on canvas

Mother and child
140x120 cm, oil on canvas

Sleep shepherd
110x200 cm, oil on canvas.

Beginning of autumn
70x80 cm, oil on canvas.

On the verandah
140x100 cm, oil on canvas

Still-life with a samovar and dry sunflowers
80x70 cm, oil on canvas

Return from pasture
78x160 cm, oil on canvas

50x80 cm, oil on canvas.

90x70 cm, oil on canvas.
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