Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Natchev Anatoly

Born 1949, Ukraine.
1969 - graduated from Crimea art college.
1978 – graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Art studio of professor A.Zaicev.
Since 1985 he is a member of the Russian union of artists.


1978 – All-Union group exhibition of diploma works. Central exposition hall. Leningrad.
1978 - 2006 - member of annual group expositions in the Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists exposition hall.
1990 - personal exposition in Sosnovy Bor 2006 - personal exposition. Galery "Ariana", Vidin. Bulgaria.
2006 - member of group exhibition in National Gallery named after N. Petrov. Bulgaria.
2006 - member of group exposition "Graduates 78. Place and Time". Research and Scientific Museum of Russian Academy of Arts. SPB. Russia.

Eastern still life
60x70 cm, oil on canvas. 2010

Musical still life
75x60 cm, oil on canvas. 2010

Veteran of the Great Patriotic War Kusnycin G.I.
80x60 cm, oil on canvas. 2009

Veteran of the Great Patriotic War Ivanov V.V.
65x70 cm, oil on canvas. 2009

Sunny birds
70x70 cm, oil on canvas. 2004

Apples flowering
50x50 cm, oil on canvas. 1997

Holy gates of St.Sign Monastery. Novgorod
40x50 cm, oil on canvas. 2001

Veteran of the Great Patriotic War Sachko A.D.
80x60 cm, oil on canvas. 1982

Balet dancer Potemkin J.J.
145x165 cm, oil on canvas.

Azov fishermen
60x70 cm, oil on canvas. 1982

War veteran Kamaev A.C.
80x90 cm, oil on canvas. 1980.

Soviet soldiers. Afganistan. 1983
187x156 cm, oil on canvas.
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