Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Matveeva Anastasia

Born 1988, Kuznetsk, Russia

2008 — graduated from Penza art college
2015 — graduated with honors I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, studio of easel painting.
2009 — Awarded the Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts
2016 — Entered the St. Petersburg Union of Artists


2016 — exhibition at the Palats Republic of Belarus.
2014 — participant of the exhibition dedicated to the Crimea in the Federation Council in Moscow.
2013 — participant of the exhibition in the museum-apartment of Dostoevsky.
2013 — participant of methodical exhibition "School" in the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow.
2013 — participation in the exhibition "Nature" in Finland at the Art Institute. Finland, Imatra.
2008 — solo exhibition at the gallery Golden Ples in the Central House of Journalists Moscow

Kruglitza mountain
9x16 cm, oil on cardboard

60x110 m, sauce on paper

120x70 cm, oil on canvas

90x65 cm, sepia on paper

45x40 cm, oil on canvas

Selfportrait with rubber
100x70 cm, oil on canvas

110x110 cm, oil on canvas

120x110 cm, oil on canvas

200x80 cm, oil on canvas

70x40 cm, sauce on paper

100x65 cm, sepia on paper

Winter selfportrait
120x110 cm, oil on canvas

Pink mountains
74x87 cm, oil on canvas

Before the storm
90x170 cm, oil on canvas

Rumyantcev garden
75x80 cm, oil on canvas

The tower yard
75x120 cm, oil on canvas

Golden well
100x85 cm, oil on canvas

Lemon garden
150x175 cm, oil on canvas

160x140 cm, oil on canvas

80x40 cm, oil on canvas
portrait of korzhev
175x108 cm, oil on canvas

170x80 cm, oil on canvas

270x104 cm, oil on canvas

160x60 cm, oil on canvas

204x105 cm, oil on canvas

150x90 cm, oil on canvas

A cup of tea
210x110 cm, oil on canvas
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