Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Lakrisenko Valerya

Born 1992, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2010 — graduated from Ioganson's art college at I.E. Repin Institute.
2016 — graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture


2016 — The Portrait, Art Gallery at Petrogradskaya , St. Petersburg, Russia
2016 — Demonstration lesson, The Ñentral House of Artist (ÑHA), Moscow, Russia
2016 — Other coasts, Solo Exhibition at P.Chistyakov House Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2016 — Autumn 2016", Saint - Petersburg Union of Artist, St. Petersburg, Russia
2014 — Rome, Italian Hall Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia
2014 — Exhibition of the Best Drawings (1960—2014) St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Shenzhen", China
2013 — Exhibition of Student work easel painting under the guidance of prof. V. S. Pesikova , State Museum of Contemporary Art of the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow
2012 — "Best drawings", Academy of Arts Italian Hall , St. Petersburg, Russia

Still life with plums
49x26 cm, oil on canvas

65x80cm, oil on canvas

80x80cm, oil on canvas

Jeronimos Monastery
47x80 cm, oil on canvas

Florence street
45x80 cm, oil on canvas

Ponte vecchio
45x80 cm, oil on canvas

65x40 cm, oil on canvas

Igreja de Sao Domingos
44x31 cm, oil on canvas
San Gaetano on painting
San Gaetano
80x45 cm, oil on canvas

58x63 cm, oil on canvas

155x122 cm, oil on canvas

122x55 cm, oil on canvas

Do Did Done
140x65cm, oil on canvas

80x150 cm, oil on canvas

85x65cm, oil on canvas

120x60cm, oil on canvas

G minor
120x60cm, oil on canvas

115x70cm, oil on canvas

68x68 cm, oil on canvas

In black
100x77cm, oil on canvas

120x70 cm, oil on canvas

Igreja dos Clérigos
68x47cm, oil on canvas

In white
120x80 cm, oil on canvas
glenn miller portrait painting
80x130 cm, oil on canvas
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