«Academy of Arts» Foundation,

Saint-Petersburg, Russia.




Booklet. "Academy of Arts" Foundation ideas. 1998.

Summer garden.  Diploma work by Julia Bekhova.

Booklet. "Academy of Arts" Foundation ideas. 1998. Inside.



To draw public support and to popularize the Russian Academy of Arts  I. E. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Saint Petersburg “Academy of Arts” Foundation has been founded in 1996.


General objective, pursued by The Foundation, is domestic and foreign promotion of I.E. Repin Institute’s students and graduates through expositions and polygraph projects. Another goal of The Foundation is to support artists-graduates of the Academy financially.


The Foundation participates in publication of the creative and scientific works by the teaching staff of the I.E. Repin Institute.


Beside, The Foundation involves excellent and most gifted students of Repin’s Institute with exposition projects.


Web site of the “Academy of Arts” Foundation (www.academart.com) has been created in 1999. To familiarize the broad audience, comprising museums’ and private galleries’ personnel, collectors and amateurs of fine arts with the avenues, explored by The Foundation, it was further revised and updated on 2002, 2009, 2014 years.


General Manager

Of the Foundation

V. Moiseev





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www.academart.com — online painting gallery of modern professional artists from Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The Gallery presents original oil paintings in different styles: impressionism, realism, naturalism, postmodernism, fantastic realism

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The Fine Art Gallery www.academart.com was founded on 2000. For the years activity Art Gallery united well known and young talented artists of modern Russian figurative art