Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Gurenkov Oleg

Was born in Elgava (Latvia) in 1958
1977 – Graduated from the P. Vlasov`s college in Astrakhan (department of painting)
1989 – Graduated from the Academy Repin`s Institute of Art in St.Petersburg (department of painting) with the Silver medal. E. E. Moiseyenko studio.
Since 1996 – Member of Union of Russian Artists.


1987 - First and second prize. All-Union Contest “Struggle for Peace”, Russia
1989 - Silver medal of the Repin`s Academy
1989 - Silver Medal on Exhibitions of Achievement of People`s Culture. Moscow, Russia


• Queen’s Añademy of Arts (London). This painting was sold through Christie`s auction in 1998
• Museum of Academy of Arts (St-Petersburg)

Solo exhibitions:

2007 — Central Exhibitions Hall of Union of Artists (St-Petersburg, Russia)
2004 — Central Exhibitions Hall. (Moscow, Russia)
2004 — State Museum of B. M. Kustodiev (Astrakhan, Russia)
2003 — «ART GOROD» (St-Petersburg, Russia)
1992 — Solo exhibition in the House of Cooperation of Science and Culture in Berlin, Germany

Selected Exhibitions:

2011 – «Genius and chef-d'oeuvre». Central Exhibitions Hall “Manez” (St-Petersburg, Russia)
2011 – «Eastern Kaleidoscope -3». «ÀRÊÀ» art-gallery (St-Petersburg, Russia)
2008 – Festival «Erotica». «ÀRÊÀ» art-gallery (St-Petersburg, Russia)
2004 – Central Exhibitions Hall of Union of Artists (St-Petersburg, Russia)
2002 – “Art-group Masterskaya”. Art-gallery “Spas” (St-Petersburg, Russia)
2001 – State Museum of V. Surikov (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
2001 – “Art-group Masterskaya”. Art-gallery “Art-Gorod” (St-Petersburg, Russia)
2000 – Art-gallery ”Labyrinth” (St-Petersburg, Russia)
2000 – Exhibitions Hall “Na Arsenalnoy” (Pskov, Russia)
2000 – “Art-Novosibirsk”. State Gallery of Fine Arts (Novosibirsk, Russia)
1999 – Tavrychesky Palace (St-Petersburg, Russia)
1996 - Exhibition in the Russian Embassy in Washington (USA)
1996 – Anniversary exhibition of Russian Union of Artits. Central Exhibitions Hall “Manez” (St-Petersburg, Russia)
1989 - Exhibitions in Athens and Soloniki (Greece)
1989 - Exhibition of Achievement of People`s Culture (Moscow, Russia)
1988 - Exhibitions in Holland and England
1987 - All-Union Contest “Struggle for Peace” (Moscow, Russia)
1987 - Exhibition in Gdansk (Poland)

Beteween heaven and earth
28x23 cm, oil, pencil on paper

Fairy tale
28x20 cm, oil, pencil on paper

Russian hills
60x36 cm, oil, pencil on paper

Waiting for a miracle
60x31 cm, oil, pencil on paper

Dawn and moon
150x90 cm, oil on canvas *

Lotus. Confrontation
170x125 cm, oil on canvas

Mara's escape
170x120 cm, oil on canvas *

Russian hills
210x125 cm, oil on canvas *

Fern's flowering
160x120 cm, oil on canvas

180x110 cm, oil on canvas

150x100 cm, oil on canvas

Forest of ghosts
210x1125 cm, oil on canvas

Rain's dance
170x100 cm, oil on canvas *

At the sunrising place
210x110 cm, oil on canvas

150x100 cm, oil on canvas *

140x90 cm, oil on canvas

Remembrance. Father
160x100 cm, oil on canvas

Between sky and earth
210x125 cm, oil on canvas

Be a Godmother
170x105 cm, oil on canvas *

Short summer night
170x125 cm, oil on canvas

Backwater. Evening
140x75 cm, oil on canvas

Water lily
150x95 cm, oil on canvas
bears russian paintings fantastic
Bears worship
120x160 cm, oil on canvas
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