Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Fedorova Tatyana

Born 1952, Petergof, Russia.

1977 — graduated from I. E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
1978-1979 — probationer at I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
1978-1980 — drawing instructor in I. E. Repin Institute.
1979 — Diploma of the USSR Academy of Arts.
1982 — Diploma of the USSR Union of Artists.
2012 — Member of the Board of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, the creative sector.
2012 — Diploma of the Committee on Culture of the Government of St. Petersburg for many years of hard work and great contribution to the development of fine art.
2014 — Honored Artist of Russia.
2014 — Winner of the St. Petersburg Government in the field of culture and art in 2013 for achievements in the field of fine arts for the creation of an art-piece "Do not be afraid, I am with you."


2007 — personal exposition "Painting of Beauty", Central Exhibitions hall "Manege", SPb.
Since 2003 the paintings "Venice", "Infront of the mirror", "Evening in Petergof" are exposing in permanent exposition of State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.
2004 — International exposition "Dialog - III", Drezden, Germany.
2000 — personal exposition at "New Art Academy" by Timur Novikov, SPb.
1989-1991 — lives in the "International artist's cantonment". Paris, France.
1984 — International exposition Gran-Pale, Paris, France.
1984 — World art exhibition Kan Sur Mer, France. Presented USSR.

Dialog with Rembrandt
90x115 cm, oil on canvas

100x75 cm, oil on canvas

White bloom
75x70 cm, oil on canvas

100x50 cm, oil on canvas. 2005

Studio in Paris
53x44 cm, oil, acrylic on fiberboard 1994

After concert
90x120 cm, oil on canvas. 1996

In the studio
50x40 cm, oil on canvas. 2005

75x60 cm, oil on canvas

Portrait with lilies
72x55 cm, oil on canvas. 2002

Firework. Nude
100x50 cm, oil on canvas. 2003

100x50 cm, oil on canvas. 2005

Walking around
80x60 cm, oil on canvas. 2005

Romantic portrait with white roses
80x71 cm, oil on canvas. 1993

Garden bellflowers. Planar portrait
50x45 cm, oil on canvas. 1999

Partridge hall. Peterhof
85x100 cm, oil on canvas. 2006

Park sculpture. Idea of harmony
182x182 cm, oil on canvas. 2000

85x58 cm, oil on canvas. 2005

Slava and Katya
70x64 cm, oil on canvas. 2003

120x100 cm, oil on canvas. 2009

75x90 cm, oil on canvas. 1978

99x124 cm, oil on canvas. 2007

The tree of aims and objectives
162x119 cm, oil on canvas. 2008-2010

Portrait with Amaryllises
72x63 cm, oil on canvas. 2002

The portrait with blue rose and Paris medal
89x60 cm, oil on canvas. 2012

Don't afraid, I'm with you!
140x116 cm, oil on canvas. 2011

Three Graces
160x137 cm, oil on canvas. 1989

The world of art. Painters
140x116 cm, oil on canvas. 2014

The Royal garden
130x103 cm, oil on canvas

Girl's little house
138x100 cm, oil on canvas. 2014-2015

Beautiful Galatea
146x114 cm, oil on canvas
nude model painting
"Body and flower. Fruits of nature
150x130 cm, oil on canvas. 1993
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