Biographic article

Oleg Arkadievich Eremeev


              Professor. A member of Saint-Petersburg Union of artists.  O. Eremeev was honored with the following orders and medals: Sign of Honorary, The second degree order for Great Patriotic War, an International Fellowship Order, Gold and Silvers medals of the Academy of Arts.

Oleg Eremeev entered in the artistic community of the second half of XX century both as a master in painting and gifted drawer, who was as good in different genres of historic painting as in portrait, still life and landscape. The artist was born in Leningrad. In 1957 he has excellently graduated from Boris Ioganson studio at the I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. His diploma work participated  in All-Union Jubilee Exposition in Moscow (1957), were he was awarded with the Diploma of Ministry of Culture. Oleg Eremeev’s further creative development was associated  with the Creative Studio of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (Leningrad). Until autumn 1961, he was a member of this studio, where created a series of works dedicated to Russian history and present-days youth.  In 1959 Oleg Eremeev started his pedagogical activity at the I.E. Repin Institute. In 1996, he became a head of his personal studio at the painting department. From 1977 up to 1990, O.Eremeev held a post of vice rector for education at I.E. Repin institute, and in the period 1990 up to 2001, he was rector of the I.E. Repin institute. At the present time he is a head of a specialized department of drawing at I.E Repin Institute.

 At the same time the artist was permanently involved with the creative process and participated in international and all-Russian expositions.


The list of the  artist’s  personal expositions:


1996 — Tyantzyn’, China,

1997 — Academy of Arts Museum, Saint-Petersburg;

2000 — Pekin, China;

2002 — Luga (Leningradskaya oblast);  

The exposition  “O.Eremeev and his Followers”, represented works by several generations of the graduates of Yuri Neprintzev’s studio has been held in 2001 in Pekin (China).  

O.A. Eremeev personal exhibition named “Nothing but drawing” has been held in 2003 at the Museum of the Academy of Arts.

The album of artist’s drawings was edited to the date.

The year 2004 saw the personal exhibition “Flowers and Women” which was followed by the album of the same name.

Two personal exhibitions “Temples. Fortresses. Monasteries” (at Pskovsky art museum-reserve) and “Svetlana” (at the Museum of the Academy of Arts) were publicly shown in 2006.

Some O. Eremeev’s works are purchased by museums  in Russia and abroad. Others replenish  private collections in the UK, Germany, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and other countries. Oleg Eremeev’s  Chinese creative period has been reflected in the edition of a series “Workshop of Modern Russian Artists”. Under  supervision and with participation of Oleg Eremeev as rector of the I.E. Repin Institute, Chinese art publishing  houses in Tyantzyn’, Shenian and Shanghai in cooperation with I.E. Repin Institute edited  a series of albums assembling student’s  courses and diploma works. O. Eremeev is a gifted drawer, who is always aspired to drawing. In 1997, his traveling sketches and notes gave rise to the edition named “From America to Russia”. O. Eremeev creative and personal destiny was closely coupled with XX century history of Russian Academy of Arts, which was reflected in memoirs “Half a century with the Academy of Arts”. O. Eremeev’s works  are generally distinctive in their genuineness, radiant optimism, and drive to learn secrets of life (of existence, of the world).


Dr. Alexandra Balash