Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Dzukaeva Eugenia

Born 1987, Leningrad, Russia

2007 — graduated from Vladikavkaz art college
2014 — graduated I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, studio of easel painting.
2015 — Entered the St. Petersburg Union of Artists

Self portrait
40x30 cm, sepia on paper

Early spring
140x100 cm, oil on canvas

100x100 cm, oil on canvas

120x130 cm, oil on canvas

The house on Petrogradsky district
24x21 cm, aquarelle on paper

Woman's portrait
30x25 cm, color pencil on paper
woman image
Woman in bathrobe
40x30 cm, color pencil on paper

40x40 cm, mixed tech on canvas

90x80 cm, sepia on paper

Tajik madonna
120x60 cm, mixed tech. on canvas

Dog on a fence
40x40 cm, scratchboard

Self-portrait in a frock
30x24 cm, aquarelle on paper

80x88 cm, oil on canvas

Nasty day
24x32 cm, tempera on paper

Alexey tonight
29x34 cm, gouache on paper

Dog on a beach
24x26 cm, tempera on paper

Self-portrait with mother
120x65 cm, oil on canvas

Nino's dream
162x98 cm, oil on canvas

50x40 cm, oil on canvas

A room of my childhood
195x195 cm, oil on canvas

50x40 cm, oil on cardboard

43x53 cm, oil on canvas

Spring on Obvodny canal
120x65 cm, oil on canvas

Sea wind
120x140 cm, oil on canvas

60x110 cm, oil on canvas

Alexey in paradise
35x30 cm, oil on paper

40x28 cm, oil on paper
Circus modern oil painting
90x120 cm, oil on canvas
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