Fine arts gallery / ŤAcademy of Artsť Foundation, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.







World Art Center, Delft, The Netherlands

26.12.2000 - 28.01.2001


In 2001, "Academy of arts" Foundation  in cooperation with World Art Center (Delft, The Netherlands) has launched exhibition of works by modern Petersburg's artists. The Foundation presented over 70 artworks from Saint-Petersburg.

By new millennium eve, new generation of young artists emerged in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). These artists' credo is the fine art grounded on academic artistic school. All realities of the contemporaneous world in their creations are in collision with the classic art. All the works are brightly individual, nevertheless, assembled together as like as mozaique, they develop distinctive image of whole generation, the mostly active and promising in contemporaneous Russia.



 The artists participating in exposition:


1. Michael Mikhailovsky - painting

2. Andrew Sklyarenko – painting, graphics

3. Olga Simonova - painting, graphics

4. Leonid Kokov - painting

5. Oleg Dozortzev - painting, graphics

6. Alexander Pogosyan - painting

7. Olga Shultz - painting

8. Maria Terekhina ­ painting



9. Natalia Makovetzkaya - painting

10. Pavel Pokidyshev - painting

11. Vasily Bratanjuk - painting

12. Alexander Kirillov- painting

13. Igor Samsonov- painting

14. Vitold Smukrovich -painting

15. Ilia Myshkin - graphics

16. Arsen Kurbanov - painting

17. Natalia Krapivina - painting


opening of an exposition 26.12.2000


exposition room