Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Davidenkova Lidia

Born in Leningrad, Russia.
1957 — graduated from art and graphic college, Leningrad, Russia.
1966 — graduated from I.E. Repin's Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
From 1974 — In the teaching staff of I.E. Repin's Institute.
Professor, member of the Russian State Academy of Fine arts.
L. Davidenkova awarded with Diplomas of Russia and abroad, in 2007 she was awarded Silver Medal of Russian Academy of Art.


2016 — personal exposition in The Museum of Russian Academy of Arts
2009 — personal exposition in the I. E. Repin Institute exposition hall
Took part in more then 200 exhibitions in Russia and over the world. Has 18 personal exhibitions.
Works of Lidia Davidenkova are included in collections of:
State Historical Museum of Saint-Petersburg, The collection of Central exhibition Hall "Manez",
StPetersburg, Russia, St.Petersburg State University,
The Museum of Russian Academy of Arts,
State Museum of Art, Baku, Azerbaijan,
State Museum of Pekin, China,
State Painting's Gallery of Izhevsk, Russia,
Official art collection of Ministry of culture, Russia.

framed painting

Lidia Davidenkova is a professor of the Repin’s Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Russian Academy of Arts, Member of the Union of Russian painters and International Federation of Artists. Since 1973 she has participated in more then 200 local, republican and international exhibitions and has had numerous personal exhibitions. Paintings of the artist have gained prominence and wide recognition in Russia and abroad. Lydia Davidenkova’s works of art can be found in collections of museums, galleries and private collections in Russia, Europe, USA and China. Davidenkova has received many Russian and international awards. In 2003 she has got an honor Diploma of Russian Academy of Arts for her last years works. In 2007 Lydia Davidenkova has been awarded the Silver Medal by the Russian Academy of Arts.

with students

On the Fontana
50x60 cm, oil on canvas. 2002

New Year Celebration
100x100 cm, oil on canvas. 1999

Still life with candlestick
52x40 cm, oil on canvas. 1995

64x51 cm, oil on canvas. 1990

Near Fireplace
70x55 cm, oil on canvas. 2003

Interior with fortepiano
90x60 cm, oil on canvas. 1994

Anna Akhmatova and Alexander Block
140x100 cm, oil on canvas. 1990

Window of poet
80x60 cm, oil on canvas. 2003

Tovstonogov's Portrait
80x80 cm, oil on canvas. 1978

Summer Garden
60x40 cm, oil on canvas. 2004

60x70 cm, oil on canvas. 1995

Rain on Sena
40x50 cm, oil on canvas. 2003

Spring in the garden
70x50 cm, oil on canvas. 2002

50x60 cm, oil on cardboard. 2008

Port of Murmansk
50x60 cm, oil on canvas. 1980

Laundry bridge
50x70 cm, oil on canvas. 2011

Snow-covered New Year
77x120 cm, oil on canvas. 2014

House in winter
60x70 cm, oil on canvas. 2011

November. The flying in
70x50 cm, oil on canvas. 2011
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