«Academy of Arts» Foundation,

Saint-Petersburg, Russia.





Academy of arts building,

From the rear elevation.


Exposition hall, Academy of

arts Museum.


Monumental art studio, entrance.


Easel painting studio,

Model, preparing.


Easel painting studio,

nude model.


Easel painting studio,

study drawings




The “Academy of Arts” Foundation has been founded in 1996 in Saint Petersburg, Russia to provide public support and to popularize the Repin’s Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at the Russian Academy of Arts.


The activity of the Foundation is mainly targeted to represent the art of the graduates of the Repin’s Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Russia and abroad through organizing exhibitions, poligraphy editions and financial support of the artists graduates of the Institute.


The Foundation involves outstanding gifted students in exhibition projects. Support to emerging artists on their early stage is one of priorities in Foundation’s activity.


 Website www.academart.com has been created in 1999 in order to represent major lines of the activity of The “Academy of Arts” Foundation. Broad audience including personnel of museums and private galleries, collectors and connoisseurs of visual art can find here comprehensive information regarding artists and the events taking place on the scene of figurative visual art in Saint Petersburg. 


The website www.academart.com demonstrates the works which are at artists’ studios.  We update information monthly both on personal pages of artists and in the content of the website.


The “Academy of Arts” Foundation represents  creative works by artists-graduates, lecturers and gifted students of I. E. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Saint-Petersburg). The Foundation involves in its projects the outstanding artists, whose works represent the best of Saint Petersburg professional figurative art.


 Each of our artists is, certainly, an exclusive creative personality. However, they all  rest upon high professional skills obtained due to education at the Repin’s Institute of Russian Academy of Arts.


 The I. E. Repin Institute of Russian Academy of Arts (former Russian Emperor’s Academy of Arts) has been founded in the middle of XVIII following All-European trend in visual art. Since that time, Russian Academic educational process is guided by the traditions inherited from famous European artists of XVI-XVII and from eminent Russian artists of XVIII-XX. Thus, graduates of the Repin’s Institute come away with sophisticated fine art culture, which is not only distinguished by their professional colleagues but also grabs attention of viewers and fine arts amateurs.


The “Academy of Arts” Foundation cooperates with several generations of artists. Creative works by Oleg Yeremeev, Nikolay Repin, L. Davidenkova, E. Razdrogin  – senior professors of the I.E. Repin Institute – follow traditions of Russian soviet realistic school.  These traditions are revitalizing in the art of professors S. Kichko and N. Fomin. These traditions also influence the artists graduated from  the Repin Institute in the second half of XX century: I. Suvorov, A. Natchev, O. Khorosheva.


Opposite to named above artists are those who  participated in liberalization of Saint Petersburg art life in the last quarter of XX century - O. Yakhnin, R. Dominov, N. Sazhin, T. Fedorova. Their artworks included in the collections of major Russian museums.


Several exhibition projects organized by The Foundation successfully represented a new generation of artists emerged at the end of 1990-es, when freedom of spirit  and pluralism have eventually rooted in Russian art.  Freedom stimulated many artists – O. Dozortzev, O. Suvorova, M. Mikhailovsky (1968-2002), A. Kurbanov, J. BekhovaN. Blokhin, A. Sklyarenko, V. Smukrovich –  to find original and powerful author’s concepts within extraordinarily diverse stylistic range.   The last decade showed capability of these artists to develop permanently. These days many of them became lecturers at the Repin’s Institute.


The artworks by recently emerged artists – Denis Ichitovkin and Alexandra Nedzvetskaya - progressively become unconditionally original and more substantial. Their works have been presented on multiple exhibitions where they draw attention and caused considerable interest of viewers and connoisseurs of visual art.


Long term cooperation with the artists graduates of the Academy of Arts allows Foundation’s personnel to observe development of creative individuality of our authors, to survey emergence of extraordinary artworks. Regular update at www.academart.com provides broad audience with the precious opportunity to watch this exciting creative process. 


Our site www.academart.com has its regular visitors, amateurs and collectors, who are interested in observing artwork of the artists presented by The Foundation. Their attention is, certainly, an encouragement stimulating replenishment and update of our exposition on-line.



General Manager

«Academy of Arts» Foundation

Vadim Moiseev








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