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Fine Arts Gallery. «Academy of Arts» Foundation. Saint-Petersburg, Russia




Commission portrait


Masterpiece's copy

Take your chance and make your special order: portrait, landscape, still life or masterpiece’s copy. 


Your order will be performed by professional artists – graduates and students of the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at the Russian Academy of Arts, represented on our Web site academart. com. All ordered artworks shall be originating from authors and performed in oil-on-linen technique. Other techniques e.g. tempera or acrylic painting, collage etc. as agreed with the customer, could be also applied. Besides, you may order graphics works and sculpture.


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The procedure of ordering:

1. Where should I send my order to?
You should send your order to the address shown at Contacts page.

2. What information do you need to start processing my order?

We need information on the technique and dimensions of the work to perform. You may either describe what you want to order or provide us with digital reproductions or pictures of the preferred art works. We could offer you our ideas and versions corresponding to your preferences in art.  To order the art work, you also may select the artist of those represented at our Web site. Otherwise, we could offer a name from our extra data base.

3. If I am able to control the procedure of implementation of order?

Yes, for sure, we shall inform you on the procedure of performance of the art work, which you have ordered. First, we’ll agree with you the sketch of the future painting. Afterwards, we shall provide you with photos of main steps of the work.

4. How long will it take to complete my order?
Creating of the commission paintings will take one to three weeks depending on dimensions, technique and the number of details in the painting. We can provide you with more detailed information on terms after you have made your order and specified your requirements.

5. How can I pay for my order?
We shall determine the price according to picked up specification of your order. First payment amounts to 30% of the price of order. Final settlement shall be fulfilled upon agreement on final step of the work. Finished artwork shall be shipped upon receipt of final payment. You can find additional information on Purchase page.  

6. How is a painting packed for delivery?
We can ship the work either in roll or on the stretcher. In both cases, the painting will be thoroughly packed with the special packing materials for safe and careful transportation.








Leonardo da Vinchi

Madonna Litta.

42x33 cm. tempera on canvas. 1490-91

State Hermitage. Saint-Petersburg, Russia


This painting is an interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci art work “Madonna Litta (1490-1491), which is a part of the State Hermitage collection (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).  “Madonna Litta” brightly embodied the ideals of High Renaissance and enjoyed vast popularity in Leonardo’s epoch. Therefore, multiple copies and free interpretations, fulfilled by Master’s apprentices and followers, are known to exist.

The original painting represents Virgin Maria breast-feeding the baby Christ. The baby Christ holds in his hands a nestling goldfinch-symbol of the Passion. In the process of copying, the essential changes have been made to the composition by the customer’s request, so that baby Christ’s figure was replaced with a bundle of mellow wheat. These changes turned the painting’s symbolic content to the allegoric one. According to New Testament, germinating wheat grain is allegory of Christ’s death and resurrection. This new version of “Madonna Litta” gives further development to mentioned idea. Virgin Maria is shown pregnant. She is scrutinizing the wheat as if foreseeing her child’s fate. Blue wildflowers, interlaced with the bundle of wheat, become a symbol of hopes. 


Modified composition caused the change in disposition of Virgin Maria’s hands. The hands almost submerged by shawl in original painting became a knot of the new composition. This is the reason why a series of sketches to fix disposition of hands in Leonardo’s and other old masters’ works have been prepared beforehand.


The work has been partly implemented immediately in front of the original painting, which is exposed at the State Hermitage.


To recreate fine pictorial surface of the “Madonna Litta”, the copyist painter had to use classical painting technique, apply multiple glaze coats. This period of work was the most lasting and accurate.


Prudnikova Elena.

Madonna of crops. Replica from Leonardo da Vinci painting “Madonna Litta”.

42x33 cm. oil on canvas.

Time of performance: August to September 2005.

Private collection



I stage


II stage




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