Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Bolotov Igor

Born 1958, Leningrad, Russia

1977 — graduated from Ioganson art college
1984 — graduated I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, studio of easel painting.
1991 — Entered the St. Petersburg Union of Artists

Since 2013 he teaches at the Repin Institute.

2016 — elected as a member of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Bolotov's works are: in the National Mexican Museum of Watercolor (Mexico City), in the Museum of History of St. Petersburg (Peter and Paul Fortress), in the Harbin Art Museum of Russian Painting "Spring Wind" (PRC, Harbin), in Russian and foreign collections.

Selected Exhibitions:

2016 — "See the bird" in the Great Hall of the SSSR, painting, graphics, reconstruction, 160 works.
2016 — "The third birdwatching" in the gallery "Song Tower" (Pushkin) in conjunction with the folk group of the St. Petersburg Conservatory.
2014 — "Secret passage" in the gallery "Pointer" of the Peter and Paul Fortress (St. Petersburg).
2011 — "The second bird roll" in the gallery "N-Prospect" (St. Petersburg).
2008 — exhibition "50 days in Paris" in Cite internationale des Arts, (Paris, France).
2003 — thematic exhibition "River" in the halls of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg.
2001 — together with Nadezhda Kasatkina "Eyes in the eye" in the gallery "National Heritage" (St. Petersburg).
1999 — together with Nadezhda Kasatkina in the "White Hall" of the SPSP.
1998 — in the gallery "Belle Arte" (Berlin).
1996 — in the gallery "Blue Living Room".
1994 — in the gallery "Three Vladimir" (Kochubei Palace, Pushkin).

Group exhibitions and art projects:

2013 — reconstruction of six paintings in the Fedorovskaya church of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.
2013 — the reconstruction of the composition "Anticipation to the Savior of the Apostles Peter and Paul" on the eastern facade of the cathedral of the Petro-Pavlovsky Fortress (St. Petersburg).
2012 — an exhibition and master classes at the National Mexican Museum of Watercolors them. Guati Rojo (Mexico City).
2011 — participant of the exhibition "Geniuses and masterpieces" in CEH (St. Petersburg).
2010 — participation in the Russian-French exhibition "Small Formats-Big Names" as part of the "Cultural Crossroads" project (Paris).
2011 — invited to the reconstruction of five compositions in the Great Naval Cathedral of Kronstadt.
2008 — Resident of "Cite internationale des Arts" (Paris, France).

In 2005, with a group of artists takes part in the murals of the palace of the prince, and now the king of Amir-Salman (Saudi Arabia, Riyadh). According to Arab impressions - a series of watercolours.
2005-2006 — participation in "R.A.P." ("Russian Art Project", Washington, U.S.A.)

Ra the river
125x195 cm, oil on canvas

130x170 cm, oil on canvas

170x115 cm, oil on canvas

Three girls
195x130 cm, oil on canvas

Girls at the river
160x130 cm, oil on canvas

Maritime Nicholas Cathedral in Kronstadt
125x125 cm, oil on canvas

155x70 cm, oil on canvas

Svarog's son
140x100 cm, oil, gold on canvas

Our Heavens
130x190 cm, oil on canvas

110x200 cm, oil, gold on canvas

The cat '00
83x152 cm, oil on canvas

The cat '94
90x80 cm, oil on canvas
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