Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Akhriev Daud

Born 1959, Pavlodar, Khazahstan.
1992 — graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
1983 – graduated from Vladikavkaz Art College.

Selected Exhibitions:

2014 - Light, Movement, and Texture: A World of Culture, Akhriev and Hefferlin Palacio del Congressos, Guest Artists of the City of Rhonda, Spain - Art Show Busan Korea Salon International Greenhouse Fine Art San Antonio, Texas Collaborations (Akhriev, Hefferlin, and Portera) River Gallery Chattanooga, Tennessee

2013 - Masters of Realism from the Russian Academy National Museum of Art Almaty, Kazakhstan
- Arte Padova, International Art Fair with Galería Javier Román Hefferlin and Akhriev, New and Old Europe Gallery K.Art.Ina Almaty, Kazakhstan
- International Masters of Realism Invitational Greenhouse Gallery San Antonio, Texas
- Mediterranean Flavor: Melissa Hefferlin and Daud Akhriev Gallery 1401 Chattanooga, Tennessee
- International Juried Biennial Finalist, two paintings
2012 - Summer Show Chris Beetles Gallery London, United Kingdom
2010 - Biennial Invitational Hunter Museum of American Art Chattanooga, Tennessee
- Daud Akhriev, Solo Exhibition Miller Gallery Cincinnati, Ohio
2009 - Seeing Light, Daud Akhriev Archipelago Gallery Rockland, Maine
2008 - Daud Akhriev and Arsen Kurbanov, "Returnings" Academy of Fine Art Exhibition Hall St Petersburg, Russia
2004 - Thresholds A traveling exhibition sponsored by the Greenville Museum of Art
1996 - Six Portrait Painters Hunter Museum of American Art Chattanooga, Tennessee
1995 - Culture in the Cellar Zurich, Switzerland Post Archeology Polo Gallery Hoboken, New Jersey (curated by Carl Haas) Daud Akhriev, Paintings, and Drawings Hunter Museum of American Art Chattanooga TN (July)

Selected Monumental commissions:

2013 - The Greek Muses of the Arts and Sciences Baylor School, Chattanooga, Tennessee Mosaic in Glass, Ceramic and Gold Leaf 15 x 30 feet
2007-2008 - The Four Seasons Market Street Bridge, Chattanooga, TN 9-foot Bronze Figures
2004 - St. Peter's Release from Prison St Peter's Episcopal Church, Hixon, Tennessee Oil on Linen 9 x 18 feet
1999 - The Fishing Miracle St Peter's Episcopal Church, Hixon, Tennessee Oil on Linen 9 x 16 feet
1997 - Who is My Neighbor? Samaritan Center, Ooltewah, Tennessee Oil on Linen 5 x 7 feet
1993 - Wedding Feast at Cana Collegedale Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Collegedale, Tennessee Oil on Linen 18 x 9 feet, with an arch


Sculpture Magazine Southern Living (x3)
Island Journal
Art Collector (x3) Artist's Magazine
"Daud Akhriev" by Scott Sell

Bridling up
100x160 cm, oil on canvas
fields landscape
Antonio's fields
100x233 cm, oil on canvas

Eastern influences
17x17 cm, clay

Portait with gulls
50x50 cm, oil on canvas

60x40 cm, oil on canvas

Woman's portrait
74x54 cm, oil on paper
spring oil painting akhriev
70x120 cm, oil on canvas
flight painting
Flight, gulls
100x160 cm, oil on canvas
flying portrait painting oil on canvas original
120x100 cm, oil on canvas

Blue cap
50x60 cm, oil on canvas

45x40 cm, oil on canvas

106x124 cm, oil on paper

40x40 cm, tempera on paper
spain dance painting
180x233 cm, oil on canvas

Near the water
41x50 cm, oil on paper

Marta: Nike
90x115 cm, oil on canvas

Madame Butterfly
90x90 cm, Glass, Ceramic, Porcelain, Smalti

90x90 cm, Glass, Ceramic, Porcelain, Smalti

70x90 cm, Glass, Ceramic, Porcelain, Smalti

Banshee, Song in the Attic
116x154 cm, oil on canvas
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