Fine arts gallery / Academy of Arts Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Suvorova Olga

Born 1966, Leningrad, Russia.
1989 - graduated from I.E. Repin's Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Mylnikov's studio), awarded with gold medal.


Since 1990 - UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands and USA.

The Thinker's garden article, June 2015: Fantast in Focus: Olga Suvorova


95x140 cm, oil on canvas

145x95 cm, oil on canvas
Decorative mannerism painting
94x132 cm, oil on canvas
game painting chess
d60, oil on metal
In the Rembrandt's memory
68x118 cm, oil on canvas
july plain air painting with cat
100x110 cm, oil on canvas
common country subject oil painting
Broom's drying
60x70 cm, oil on canvas
dance figures oil painting
93x100 cm, oil on canvas
triptych oil painting with dance figures
Commedia dell'arte
119x190 cm, triptiych, oil on canvas
flying figures oil painting contemporary
Pierrot' dream
97x115 cm, oil on canvas
oil painting with chess player
95x140 cm, oil on canvas
annunciation subject in oil painting
97x168 cm, oil on canvas
game oil painting theatrical subject
83x147 cm, oil on canvas
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