Fine arts gallery / Academy of Arts Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Suvorov Igor

Born 1932, Leningrad, Russia.

1954 graduated from art and graphic college, Leningrad, Russia.
1960 graduated from I.E. Repin's Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
Professor, member of the Russian State Academy of Fine arts.
Since 2005 confered the rank of national artist of Russia.


State Historical Museum of Saint-Petersburg,
State Museum of Vologda, Russia,
State Painting's Gallery of Karelia, Russia.

Leningrad's Harbour
70x109 cm, oil on canvas.

Griboedova canal 55x65 cm, oil on canvas.

Berezovo village
65x90 cm, oil on canvas.

Berezovo village
65x90 cm, oil on canvas

Fontana river
56x75 cm, oil on canvas

Sinopskaya embankment
65x81 cm, oil on canvas

Winter on the canal
60x70 cm, oil on canvas.

Spring on river Neva
76x130 cm, oil on canvas.

In Tsushima remembrance
83x100 cm, oil on canvas.

Spring in th village
75x81 cm, oil on canvas.

The Great Wall of Chinal
89x108 cm, oil on canvas.

Autumn in Yuki
79x89 cm, oil on canvas.

Early autumn
73x86 cm, oil on canvas.

Birch's lane
81x65 cm, oil on canvas.

Nearby the lake
79x85 cm, oil on canvas.

Piter Grate - boat carpenter
80x170 cm, oil on canvas

White night. Bridges
65õ75 cm, oil on canvas

Uprising square. Historic reconstruction
80x100cm, oil on canvas

Vyborgskaya side
70x81 cm, oil on canvas

New Holland
80x105 cm, oil on canvas

Reform church
115x135 cm, oil on canvas

60x70 cm, oil on canvas

River Niva. Infront of sun
65x81 cm, oil on canvas

Saint-Peterburg. Griboedov canal
100x113 cm, oil on canvas

Saint-Peterburg. Nikolsky cathedral
80x65 cm, oil on canvas

Saint-Peterburg. Nevsky avenue
65x81 cm, oil on canvas

Saint-Peterburg. Voznesensky avenue
81x65 cm, oil on canvas.

Saint-Peterburg. Fontana river
70x80 cm, oil on canvas

Red Army man
170x110 cm, oil on canvas

50x40 cm, oil on canvas
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