Fine arts gallery / «Academy of Arts» Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
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Suvorova Olga
95x134 cm, oil on canvas
contemporary art painting kitchen
Ichitovkin Denis
Good morning (The last Hero). Series "Kitchen".
110x100 cm, oil on canvas

Marinova Anna
Bronze bracelet
50x100 cm, oil on canvas

Marinova Anna
50x100 cm, oil on canvas

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The Gallery presents original oil paintings in different styles: impressionism, realism, naturalism, postmodernism, fantastic realism
Online art gallery of «Academy of Arts» Foundation offers original oil paintings for collectors and connoisseurs of fine art
You can purchase and order original author's composition, still life, landscape, portrait or masterpiece copy
The Fine Art Gallery was founded on 2000. For several years activity Art Gallery united wellknown and young talented artists of modern Russian figurative art