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Igor Samsonov


Born 1963, Voronezh, Russia.

1996 – graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

Studio of easel painting, professor V. Neprincev.




2007 —  Art centre "World art Delft", Delft, The Netherlands.

2005 — Elite Gallery, Carmel, California, USA.

2004 — Union of artists exposition hall, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2004 — Elite gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

2002 — "Art World" Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2001-2002 — "Russian art - new generation" Het Slot Zeist, The Netherlands.

2001 — Art centre "World art Delft", Delft, The Netherlands.

1999 — Munich, Germany.

1998 — Art Manege 1998, Moscow, Russia.

1998 — Genue, Italy.

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160x112 cm, oil on canvas


125x150 cm, oil on canvas

"Prodigal son"  

133x108 cm, oil on canvas

"Wedding procession"  

103x150 cm, oil on canvas

"In the studio"  

124x140 cm, oil on canvas*

"Man's life"  

95x150 cm, oil on canvas


"David and Uriah"  

122x142 cm, oil on canvas


120x132 cm, oil on canvas

"Fish day"  

135x124 cm, oil on canvas


"A family"  

114x110 cm, oil on canvas

"Poet with a girl"  

140x120 cm, oil on canvas



118x90 cm, oil on canvas*


"Music lesson II"  

115x98 cm, oil on canvas


116x92 cm, oil on canvas

"Broken dreams"  

96x122 cm, oil on canvas



125x100 cm, oil on canvas

"Still life with lamp"  

78x53 cm, oil on canvas

"Still life with grape"  

96x78 cm, oil on canvas


"Country still life"  

96x125 cm, oil on canvas



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