Fine arts gallery / Academy of Arts Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Privalikhina Angelika

1990 graduated from Krasnoyarsk art college of V. I. Surikov


Member of the Union of ARTS of Russia since 2006
Member of International Association of ART
Association Internationale Des ARTS Plastiques-IAA AIAP Unesco


2018 Platinum Living Fine Art Gallery.USA
2018 Elena Fine Art Gallery ,USA
2017 Central Exhibition Hall "Manege"85 years of the Union of Russian Artists,Saint-Petersburg.
2016 Artist's House,Saint-Petersburg,
2016 Sienna Fine Art Gallery,USA,FL
2015 Platinum Living Fine Art Gallery,USA,Noblesville
2015 Claremont Modern ART Gallery, Sevenoaks,UK
2014 Art Fair Liverpool, London,UK
2014 Aberdeen Art Fire,Scotland,UK
2014 Hillier Art Gallery, Stratford,UK
2013 Chelsea ART FAIR, London,UK
2012 Hillier Art Gallery, Stratford,UK
2011 Claremont Modern ART Gallery, Sevenoaks,UK
2010 Claremont Modern ART Gallery, Sevenoaks,UK
2009 Lotton Gallery, Chicago,USA
2008 Hilligoss Gallery Chicago,USA
2008 Portland Classic Gallery, Portland,USA
2009 Trowbridge-Lewis Gallery ,USA
2009 Du Soleil Art Gallery,Naples, Florida,USA
2008 Willow Gallery,Scottcdale,USA
2008 Horizon Fine Art Gallery,USA
2006 Du Soleil Art Gallery,Naples, Florida,USA
2006 New Century Art Gallery, Moscow
2005 Artists of Siberia,Art Gallery, Berlin
2004 The State Duma,Moscow.
2004 Art Museum","70 years of the Krasnoyarsk Territory,Siberia
2004 Art Museum, Krasnoyarsk,Siberia
2004 "Viola Art Gallery Novosibirsk,Siberia
2004 Ermakovsk Art Museum,Siberia
2004 Surikov Art Museum,Krasnoyarsk,Siberia
2004 The State Duma,Moscow.
2003 Regional exhibition,Krasnoyarsk,Siberia
2003 Art Museum,Krasnoyarsk-Irkutsk-Tomsk,Siberia
2003 Solo exhibition , Hingan Art Gallery,Krasnoyarsk,Siberia
2004 Solo exhibition "... and Dream and Reality ...." Shepelevich`s Art School.
2003 Regional exhibition,Krasnoyarsk,Siberia
2002 Regional exhibition of young artist ,Divnogorsk.
2002 Solo Exhibition Art salon "Diana",Krasnoyarsk,Siberia
2002 Regional Exhibition of Young Artists ,Krasnoyarsk,Siberia
2002 Central House of Artists,Moscow.
2002 National Show "Faith without works is dead",Academy of Fine Arts,Krasnoyrsk,Siberia
2002 Regional Exhibition ,Krasnoyarsk,Siberia
2002 Regional Exhibition of young artists,Divnogorsk,Siberia
2002 Solo Exhibition Salon "Diana" ,Krasnoyarsk.Siberia
2001 Exhibition Hall Union of Artists,Regional Exhibition of Young Artists .Krasnoyarsk,Siberia
2001 Art Museum, Divnogorsk,Siberia
2001 The State Duma,Siberian Vernisage , Moscow.
2000 Exhibition of art school of teachers,Divnogorska. Surokov Art College.
1999 Art Museum,Divnogorsk.Siberia
1999 Art Museum.Krasnoyarsk.Siberia
1998 Art Museum ,Divnogorsk,Siberia
1995 Solo exhibition, Art Museum,Strezevoy,Siberia

130x100 cm, oil on canvas

Archangel Gabriel
100x70 cm, oil on canvas

70x60 cm, oil on canvas

40x30 cm, oil on canvas

Alice in burgundy light
100x90 cm, oil on canvas

Purple Tuscany
100x90 cm, oil on canvas

Prayer for the cup
100x90 cm, oil on canvas

My joy
100x90 cm, oil on canvas

70x60 cm, oil on canvas

Alice in folk dress
80x60 cm, oil on canvas

40x30 cm, oil on canvas

55x60 cm, oil on canvas

60x50 cm, oil on canvas

Tuscany still life
70x60 cm, oil on canvas

70x60 cm, oil on canvas

Saint-Peterburg's spring
50x60 cm, oil on canvas

60x80 cm, oil on canvas

Ligurian sun
50x60 cm, oil on canvas

100x95 cm, oil on canvas

80x100 cm, oil on canvas
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