Fine arts gallery / Academy of Arts Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Suvorova Natalia

Born 1945, Leningrad, Russia.
1968 - graduated from applied art university, Leningrad, Russia.


1991 Roy Milles gallery London, UK.
1994 Alberti gallery London, UK.
1996 Greenhouse gallery, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Still life nearby the lake.
81x90 cm, oil on canvas.

41x58 cm, oil on canvas.

Country motif at the lake.
70x100 cm, oil on canvas.

Still life with strawberries.
72x74 cm, oil on canvas.

Still life with strawberries.
88x100 cm, oil on canvas.

80x44, oil on canvas

Dog rose
80x44, oil on canvas

82x87 cm, oil canvas

73x80 cm, oil canvas

87x82, oil on canvas

Still life with samovar and teapot
75x80 cm, oil on canvas

Bouquet of poppes
73x85 cm, oil on canvas

Still life in the garden
77x75 cm, oil on canvas

Poppes bouquet in the garden
74x85 cm, oil on canvas

Blooming Sally
87x75 cm, oil on canvas

Flowers and glass
70x50 cm, oil on canvas

Blooming May
72x86 cm, oil on canvas

Still life with roses
50x70 cm, oil on canvas

Gifts of nature
84x100 cm, oil on canvas

The table in the garden
82x98 cm, oil on canvas

White rosehips
80x68 cm, oil on canvas

89x80 cm, oil on canvas
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