Fine arts gallery / Academy of Arts Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Larionova Olga

Born 1979, Khotkovo, Russia.
2000 graduated from Abramcevo applied art college. Ceramic department.
2008 graduated from I. E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, studio of easel painting, professor S. Kichko.

Selected Exhibitions:

2017 "Romanticism as a way of life" Union of artists, SPb, Russia.
2017 DONNA /Studio Uno/ Avezzano, Italia. 6-20 Maggio
2017 International exhibition. Art Revolution. Taipei
2016 International exhibition Art-Perm 2016, Perm, Russia
2016 Gallery JiMing, exhibition Beauty through the eyes of women. Saint-Petersburg. Russia
2016 International exhibition "Art Revolution". Taipei
2016 Avezzano, Italia. /Archeologie van de communicatie.
2016 Gallery Bellizo. Saint-Petersburg. Russia
2016 AAF Amsterdam International exhibition
2015 The exhibition the Tenth Muse . Austria ,Baden.
2015 International exhibitionArt Revolution Taipei
2015 Red Square Gallery . Hong Kong.
2015 International exhibition ART EXPO SPB, Russia
2015 Group exhibitions in Austria. Vienna.
2013 series of exhibitions in Hong Kong, China and in Fontainebleau, France
2013 Whispering Bells. An Exhibition of Two Emerging Russian Female Artists. Red Square Gallery, Hong Kong
2013 Solar Eclipse (Stanley Plaza Branch). A Group Exhibition of Three Emerging Russian Female Artists. Red Square Gallery, Hong Kong
2013 Pancake Festival. A Solo Exhibition of emerging Russian artist Olga Larionova. Red Square Gallery, Hong Kong
2013 St.Petersburg Union Of Artists. Section of painting. Solo exposition. Russia.
2012 Personal exposition. City of Fontainebleau (Fontainebleau). France. 2012 Personal exhibition in St. Petersburg. Russia. Gallery of N-Prospekt. 2010 Exhibition Beauty in the eyes of women Gallery Petersburg art center, St. Petersburg. Russia.
2010 Series exhibitions in France, dedicated to the year of Russia in France.
2010 La Source Galerie. France. Dijon.exposition. France.
2010 Exhibition of the city Vesoul (Vesoul). France.
2010 Exhibition of the city Chatillon-sur-seine.France.
2010 Exhibition of the city of Fontainebleau (Fontainebleau).
2010 Created book with illustrations of the Russian ballet the Nutcracker, USA.
2009 Gallery .ARTON exhibition .St. Petersburg. Russia.
2008 GalleryKadieff .Tet-a-tet. Helsenki. Finland.
2008 Group exhibition in Munich. Gallery Anna-Maria Burger. Germany.
2008 rt-beauty,Central house of artists, Moscow, Russia.
2008 Exhibition group. Paris. France.
2007 all-Russian youth exhibition, Central house of artists,Moscow.
2007 Modern Art from Saint-Petersburg. World Art Delft. The Nethrlands.
2006 Union artist Saint-Petersburgs, Autumn- 2006, Saint-Petersburg/Russia
2006 International exhibition of young artists, Nadezhda-5,Union of artists, St. Petersburg.Russia

The stones remembrance
60x70 cm, oil on canvas

The pearl of the park
75x75 cm, oil on canvas
fragrances edge
Fragrances edge
55x65 cm, oil on canvas

Lavender and watermelon
60x70 cm, oil on canvas

Sea breeze
80x75 cm, oil on canvas
Beloved centaurs
95x100 cm, oil on canvas

100x110 cm, oil on canvas

Play hide and seek
80x75 cm, oil on canvas

ight festivities
90x120 cm, oil on canvas

Travelers 95x145 cm, oil on canvas

Evening still life
60x65 cm, oil on canvas

Gold sand
40x30 cm, oil on canvas

40x40 cm, oil on canvas

110x100 cm, oil on canvas

Bell's whisper
100x110 cm, oil on canvas

140x70 cm, oil on canvas

95x100 cm, oil on canvas

Fairy of flowers
120x70 cm, oil on canvas

Still life with toys
80x100 cm, oil on canvas

Sea breeze
95x100 cm, oil on canvas

Golden sea
95x100 cm, oil on canvas

65x85 cm, oil on canvas

Antique vessels
75x75 cm, oil on canvas

Coastal skipping ropes
70x140 cm, oil on canvas
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