Fine arts gallery / Academy of Arts Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Kalyn Arthur

Born 1970, Kishinev, Moldova.

1999 - graduated from I.E. Repin's Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (studio of restoration)


2012-2013 member of group exhibitions in expositions halls of SPb Conservatory, Russia.
2010-2011 member of group exhibitions, Gazprom, Russia.
2007 participated in wall decoration project in Dubai, OAE.
2003 member of group exhibitions in Beijing, China.
2005-2006 member of group exhibitions in CAH, Moscow. Russia.
2006 member of group exhibitions in Manege, SPb, Russia.
2003-2009 member of group exhibitions in Artists union expositions halls, SPb, Russia.

Still life with pomegranates
45x70 cm, oil on canvas

50x60 cm, oil on canvas

Still life with apples
100x100 cm, oil on canvas

170x108 cm, oil on canvas

The girl with violin
95x45 cm, oil on canvas

Mother with a child
80x70 cm, oil on canvas

A sleep
100x105 cm, oil on canvas

Summer day
58x65 cm, oil on canvas

Wine cellar
68x110 cm, oil on canvas
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