Fine arts gallery / Academy of Arts Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Dozortzev Oleg

Born 1957, Luga, Russia.
1984 graduated from secondary art college, Odessa.
1990 - graduated from I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, faculty of graphics.

2007 member of group exposition of the Academy of Arts Foundation, WAD, Delft, The Netherlands.
2004 - Artexpo Fair, New York.
2001-2002 - museum exposition Russian art new generation Het Slot Zeist, The Netherlands.
2001 exposition in Art centre World art Delft, Delft, The Netherlands.
1999 personal exposition in the private gallery, Valshrod Germany.
1995 personal exposition in the gallery Academy of Arts, Saint Petersburg.
1993 movable group exposition of artists of Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts, Munich and Prague.
1992 group exposition of Russian artists in the private gallery, Karlovy Vary, Chech Republic.

Mystical exercise
70x50 cm, oil on canvas*
oil painting with butterfly
Rabbi and butterflies
100x50 cm, oil on canvas*

Second night of a doge
50x75 cm, oil on canvas*

Fisherman's daughter
60x50 cm, oil on canvas.*

60x80 cm, oil on canvas*
Don Quixote limited edition
A road
39x49 cm, C3, C5, 10 copies

Arms seller
39x49 cm, C3, C5, 10 copies
Don Quixote etching
Don Quixote. Prologue
49x42 cm, C3, C5, 10 copies

Winter 20x36 cm, aquarelle on paper*

20x36 cm, aquarelle on paper*

20x36 cm, aquarelle on paper*

20x37 cm, aquarelle on paper*

20x40 cm, aquarelle on paper*

Still life with two coins
24x32 cm, aquarelle on paper*

90x110 cm, oil on canvas*

The last painting by painter R. K.
69x46 cm, oil on canvas*

Weight-lifting girl
80x70 cm, oil on canvas*

41x46 cm, aquarelle on paper*

Woman with mechanical wings
100x80 cm, oil on canvas*

Pulcinella I
25x20 cm, oil on canvas*

Pulcinella II
25x20 cm, oil on canvas*
60x80 cm, oil on canvas*

No smoking
80x55 cm, oil on canvas*

57x40 cm, acryl on canvas*

Smoking woman
65x45 cm, oil on canvas*

Woman's portrait
61x45 cm, oil on canvas*

Tall girl with a ring
100x55 cm, oil on canvas*
surrealism oil painting
Portrait of romancist S.
61x45 cm, oil on canvas*

Still life
50x35 cm, aquarelle on paper*
gardener painting
A gardener
50x70 cm, acryl, pencil on paper*

Girl and airman
50x35 cm, aquarelle on paper*
orange king oil painting gallery
Orange king
65x45 cm, oil on canvas*

A house of the winged rhinoceros
50x45 cm, oil on canvas*
coronation painting
80x80 cm, oil on canvas*
Juggler painting
60x50 cm, oil on canvas*

Gifts for the bride
60x50 cm, Oil on canvas*
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