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Julia Bekhova


Born 1964

1995 – graduated from I. E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, studio of monumental painting. Prof. A. A. Mylnikov.

1995 -1997 - probationer at I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

1999 J. Bekhova took part in mural works in rennovated cathedral of the Christ Rescuer.

2001-2003 participant in mural works at the city cathedral in Kursk.

Since 2000 - in the teaching staff of easel painting department of the I.E. Repin Institute.



2011 - personal exposition. Exposition hall. I.E. Repin Institute. Spb, Russia.

2009 - group exposition of I.E.Repin' Institute professors. Museum of Russian Academy of Arts.  

2006 - personal exposition. Theatric institute. Beijing. China.

2004 - Group exposition. Gallery "Les Oreades". Moscow. Russia.

2001 - "Illusion, impression & reality". London. UK.

2000 - Group exposition. J&B Gallery. The Netherlands1996 - Christmas exposition. Hamburg, Germany.

2000 - "Poetic realism in art". London. UK.

1998 -  "Splendid Saint-Petersburg". Herborn. Germany.





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 "Woman in the red dress"

 55x35 cm, oil on cardboard. 2011

 "Madonna with pomegranates"

55x30 cm, oil on cardboard. 2011

 "Walking inside of Ragusa"

 110x80 cm, oil on canvas. 2011


 "Summer. Series Four seasons"

 48x35 cm, oil on cardboard. 2008 *

 "Mother and Child. Silence"

d80 cm, oil on canvas. 2011

 "Winter. Series Four seasons"

 48x35 cm, oil on cardboard. 2008


 "Spring. Series Four seasons"

 48x35 cm, oil on cardboard. 2008

 "Autumn. Series Four seasons"

 48x35 cm, oil on cardboard

 "Evening in Delft"

90x80 cm, oil on canvas. 2005

 "St. Petersburg Madonna"

 80x60 cm, oil on canvas. 2014


Oil on canvas 55x95 cm. 1997 *

 "Old Chinese village"

55x95 cm, oil on canvas. 2007.


 "Summer evening"

 50x90 cm, oil on canvas. 2010.


65x110 cm. Oil on canvas 2010.

 "Spring. Chinese village"

86x65 cm, oil on canvas. 2007


"Appearance of Jesus Christ to Maria Magdalina." 45x95 cm, oil on canvas

"Myrrhbearing Women at the Tomb of Christ."

Oil on canvas 55x80 cm.

"The Hospitality of Abraham." 

35x95 cm, oil on canvas.


 "Portrait with Kranah's Madonna"

 90x75 cm, oil on canvas

 "Resurrection morning. Maria Magdalina"

Oil on canvas 80x65 cm. 1997.*


86x65 cm, oil on canvas. 2000


"Wind in the studio. Andrey Tarkovsky memory"

55x75 cm, oil on canvas.

 "Still life with Kranach's Madonna"

70x60 cm, oil on canvas. 2000


25x75 cm, oil on board. 1997.



 60x70 cm, sanguine on paper. 2007*


 55x65 cm, sepia on paper. 2007*

 "The Fall"

 55x95 cm, oil on canvas. 2009


 "One day in Holland"

 40x60 cm, oil on canvas. 2001



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