Fine arts gallery / Academy of Arts Foundation,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Bakin Sergey

Born 1957, Leningrad, Russia

1975 graduated from Ioganson art college
1982 graduated from Leningrad higher art and industrial school named a er V. i. Mukhina, specializing in modeling clothes.
19821990 worked in the L.D.M.O in the group industrial modeling womens clothing.
19871988 exhibited with the group Mitki.
in 1990 he left the Leningrad Model Fashion House to devote himself entirely to painting.

Member of The Union of artists of Russia.
Member Of The Creative Union Of artists Of Russia. Member of the St. Petersburg pastel society.
The winner of the art du Pastel en France 2004 and 2012.

Selected Exhibitions:

2016 Moscow St. Petersburg, State Museum of City Sculpture St. Petersburg, russia
2015 Under the roof of the World J. Linz`s Studio, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2012-2015 Mikhail Shemyakin Foundation, St. Petersburg, russia
2014 Euro-asia Festival of Modern arts, Ekaterinburg,
2013 Wind from the neva, a-3 gallery, Moscow, Russia
2013 St. Petersburg. 20 years , Manege Central exhibition hall, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012 Union of artists of russia. 80 years, Manege Central exhibition hall, St. Petersburg, Russia
2011 Behind the Curtain, Union of artists of russia, St. Petersburg, Russia
2011 Mitki. 25 years, Manege Central exhibition hall St. Petersburg, Russia 2009 Disappearing St. Petersburg , graphics centre, St. Petersburg, Russia
arts Festival, Central exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia
2007 arts Festival, Central exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia.
20022007, 20112014 art du pastel en FranCe, France
2003 DAR gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.
2001 Lotten internatonal, Houston, USA.
1998 gallery nevograf, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1997 Hanseboot, Hamburg, Germany.
1994 UNESCO palace, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1990 1st Biennale of contemporary art, Len eXPO, Leningrad, USSR.
1990 Drouot richelieu, Paris, France.
1990 Marquiss puddle railroaders house of culture, Leningrad, USSR.
1989 Two generations, City history museum, Leningrad, USSR.
1988 Mitki on kuznetsky bridge, Moscow, USSR.

Ballerina in the evening light, 2006
Oil on canvas, 50 × 70

red-haired, 2002
Oil on canvas, 60x50

rehearsal, 2002
Pastel on paper, 70 × 50

Carnival, 2000
30 × 40 cm, oil, pastel on canvas pasted on cardboard

Rehearsal, 2003
, 60 × 80 cm, pastel on paper

Night of Fools. Carnival in Venice, 2006
90x120 cm, oil, pastel on canvas

Night of Fools. Carnival in Venice, 2006
63,5 × 105,5 cm, oil, pastel on canvas

Night of Fools. Carnival in Venice, 2003
80 × 105 cm, pastel on cardboard

Carnival, 2000
60 × 80 cm, oil, pastel on canvas

night of Fools.
(Dance in the Swamp). 2002
60 × 50 cm, oil, pastel on canvas

Fontanka, 2013
Oil on canvas, 40 × 60
carnival venice painting
Night of Fools.
Carnival in Venice, 2002
90 × 120 cm, Oil, pastel on canvas
ballet painting
Rehearsal, 2002
61,5 × 92 cm, oil, pastel on canvas
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